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They asked, but what about social issues

I said, but what about them? 

Don't we have enough people to talk about them! 

I'd like to babble about beauty, it's something I can relish

Yellow flowers on the tress and green on the grass

Black bulbul in the sky and blue purple red sky

There's so much to look around, il need a lifetime

To register in my mind, the grand masters artistry

I do care about the People

But surely you do too

I trust you to raise your voice 

And save the man kind

But let me be with nature 

And talk to other creatures 

They need my help too

So let's be of one mind

And protect all that

is meant to exist 

Evil organizations, industrialization, globalization

They make your life easy, and overfill your ration 

But I beg you to stop, stand under the peeking sun

Gaze at the white cloud and wonder when it might shriek

But worry not dear human, let the nature weep

Then you'll know, you only need 

Some shade on the head, little bread on the plate

Some peace to close your eyes and a rough place to sleep 

I'm one with nature

It understands me

And I understand her

Our nature's bounty

Is being wrung I fear 

But don't underestimate

Her competency

For you don't want to see

The wrath that would

Leave nothing for you to tear

By S Bharill


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