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Lahar Mangta HoonGyan Bharill
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Gyan Bharill was an Indian poet, writer, educator and author of Hindi language poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books ( historical novels). His writing accomplishments comprise of around 30 books of poetry, stories, non-fiction novels, historical and religious books. Gyan Bharill held a distinct place in the world of Hindi literature. He received wide acclaim for his work and was awarded by the Rajasthan state government and literature associations on many occasions. This website is dedicated to his poetry work produced between 1950 to 1996. 








He was a "complete" human being. His plenitude was not only evident in his writing but also in his personality, those who knew him would agree. He excelled at many things, literature, poetry, education, sports, languages, singing, and acting. He was a great husband, an excellent father, a beautiful friend, and an amazing grandfather. But above all, he was a proponent of humanity. He didn’t believe in any other thought, knowledge, or achievement more than humanity.

His writing creations were influenced by many stages throughout his life. Though he started his journey with romantic poetry, he shifted gears towards poems of struggle, courage, and patriotism during later years. His poetry often depicted the reality of life and reminded the reader of its struggle but simultaneously motivated to search for hope in hopelessness. He was a poet that turned people from desperation to the magic of nature. 


“The setting sun has told the sky, will meet you again tomorrow, you may cry all night”. He can also be described as a poet who enjoyed the present moment. He would write on whatever piece of paper he could get his hands on in the moment of prolificacy.

A newspaper article published in his memory described him as "King of songs". For he would leave the audience and fellow poets mesmerized by his songs during poetry gatherings.


“ A bird is more powerful than the sun”. His poetry revealed his love and admiration for all life forms. In his world, the universe and nature were an extension of humanity, as he expressed his feelings of love, loss, joy, pain, courage, by seamlessly affixing earthly elements like the moon, sun, rain, water, earth, birds, with human emotions.


“No point in flickering like a firefly, if you wish to burn then do it like the sun”. He was an innocent, sensitive, and calm human being but also possessed a fire within and a strong will of determination.

   “ The night is still young, dawn is a bit far away

    Raise your head and do not lose hope,

    Light up all the candles in your way

  Which moon are you looking for in the sky?

   Which direction have you laid your eyes on?

   You are unaware of your enormous power,

   Where is the light that you are calling for?

 Just muster some determination once,

     And watch all the candles light up on your calling”

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