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Born: 1929 ( MP, India )

Education: MA , BEd

Gyan Bharill was an Indian poet, writer, educator, and author of Hindi language poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books ( historical novels). His debut poetry book “ज्वार” (Hide Tide) was published at the age of 23 while he was a university student, followed by other award-winning poetry books between 1960 to 1967. Due to his independent and open-minded views, he also garnered much acclaim for his first non-fiction writing in “प्यासे स्वर्ण हिरण” ( Thirsty golden deer ), which was inspired by his own life events.


Gyan held a distinct place in the world of Hindi literature and was awarded by the State government of Rajasthan and Rajasthan Literature academy for his invaluable contribution, in the year 1978. Though fluent in 5 languages ( Hindi, English, Gujarati, Sanskrit, and Rajasthani) and familiar with many more, he chose Hindi as the preferred language for writing. A patriot from heart, he had a keen interest in national history and also received wide recognition for his historical books. One of his books, “कीर्तिपुरुष कुम्भा”, based on the 15th century Rajasthani Mewad King was taught in schools as part of the education

curriculum for the Board of secondary education in Rajasthan. 


His other known published work includes, आकाश कुसुम, साँझ उतरि, ( Poetry ), निंदिया पुकारे, कहा थे तुम, अमृतपुत्र, साक्षी है शिप्रा, समय की शिला पर,

जिन देखे वे कुसुम, शाह और शिल्पी ( Novels ), जैन आगम कथाये ( books on Jain religion), स्याद्वाद अत्रे अनेकान्त ( translated from Gujarati to English).

To know more about him, please visit the 'About' section of this website. To read his poetry in Hindi or English please visit the

'Poetry' section.

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