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Is life fire or is it water?

Sometimes it burns like an ember

sometimes it slopes in the eyesway

Is life fire or is it water?

For it changes colors every moment

The unknown dreams it shows me

the waves it throws my way

is life satiable or is it a craving?

For it gets dull while it swells

Flickers like the moonlight

and calls for the moon

Life is love or is it pain?

For it smiles while it weeps

Sometimes it comes like a wandering cloud

and shatters like a raindrop

is life a truth or is it a dream?

For it spoils as it builds

Diffuses flowers of rain

douches lambs of dawn

Is life a timeless torrent?

For that it keeps drifting and drifting

No matter the number of wounds, they need to be faced with courage

The tale of pain shall be said with a smile

It challenges the thunder of time and the whole world

from nothing but the existence of life itself.

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